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About The Founder

Some information on our founder

Dr. Ngozi M. Awa, CEO & Chairwoman of Colela Group Investments, founded the company in 2000 in response to a perceived need for the development and expansion of private sector businesses in Sub Saharan Africa and the contribution that the company could make to African economic development.

She is a seasoned SME Specialist and Professional International Consultant with over 18 years of experience in international development.

She has since led the company to major projects and partnerships from the UN Executing Agencies to the Southern African Venture Capital And Private Equity Association (SAVCA).

Below are just a few of her credentials:

  • Present

  • Present

    CEO & Chairwoman

    Colela Group Investment

    She has undertaken many consultancy work and developed several policies and projects, some of which are listed below:

    • Managed the operations of the consulting company, a staff compliment of 10 and 15 consultants depending on the type and size of the consultancy.
    • Team leads many of the consulting contracts awarded to the company, specifically, in finance, strategic planning, policy development and institutional development.
    • Developed new business opportunities for the company
    • Prepared feasibility studies, structured finances, source funds, and negotiates terms on major projects for clients in many of countries in Africa.

    Was involved in the US$500 million African Infrastructure Fund, a US government initiative through one of its agencies, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)...

    Developed the Enterprise Development Facility for Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC), including Partial Credit Guarantee (PGC).

    Developed product proposals.

    Developed SMEs through commercial bank financing and Khula Finance Enterprise guarantee scheme.

    Assisted in creating profitable SME portfolio by providing necessary support and training for existing SME clientele.

    Assisted companies in strategic planning and setting measurable business targets.

    Built management capacity of Entrepreneurs.

    Provided mentorship to Entrepreneurs.

    Trained Consultants in mentoring businesses.

  • January 2000

  • 2000 - 2001

    Managing Director

    Black IT Empowerment Company

    Structure and establish the company.

    Manage the day to day operations of the parent company, BLITEC.

    Supervise the Managing Directors of the 5 subsidiaries of BLITEC including a listed (on the JSE) company - Casey.

    Manage the investment portfolio of the parent company.

  • June 1999

  • Jun 1999 - Sep 1999

    Visiting Lecturer

    Harvard University

    In 1999, she was a Guest Lecturer to the Financial Institute for Private Enterprise Development (FIPED) Faculty, HIID at Harvard University; Cambridge, MA, USA for the Summer Executive Program.

  • January 1991

  • Jan 1991 - Dec 1998


    Lesotho National Bank

    Established an SME funding project in Lesotho National Bank and developed a uniformed appraisal system.

    Developed a uniform credit appraisal system which includes:

    • Creation of the standard forms for appraisal, application and approval.
    • Establishment of uniform procedures in the Bank for verification/validation of proposals received from Agents.
    • Identified training needs and designed training for Bank staff.
    • Established both Guarantee Fund Account and Credit Facility for Lesotho Bank and ensured that the Management Information systems are capable of tracking Agents portfolio performance as required by the project.

    Certified Agents for participation in the Guarantee scheme this includes...:

    • Reviewing the credit approval policies of the Agents.
    • Reviewing the technical capabilities of the Agents to perform appraisal and supervision functions.
    • Ensuring that proper training was provided to the Agents to be able to accomplish their tasks.

    Designed and provided on going training and Technical Assistance to the Agents and Bank Staff.

    Co-Chaired a Project Advisory Committee meeting whose primary purpose is as a forum to discuss implementation problems, share reports on loan portfolios and supervised six project staff.

    Developed the following documents during her tenure in the project:

    • Small Scale Industries Project Information Booklet.
    • Interviewing Booklet.
    • Loan Application Forms.
    • Business Plan Form.
    • Industry Codes.
    • Loan Processing Procedures.
    • Bank Appraisal Form.
    • Training Manual.
    • Letter of Agreement.
    • Documentation of the Small Scale Industry Project.
    • Other sundry documents.
    • Provided mentoring and technical guidance to local project (Lesotho National Bank) staff and partners such as NGOs.
    • Prepared impact analysis report.

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